Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Grow your own railway sleepers

Somewhere on the track between Wagga and Narranderra, there are trees growing through a disused railway line. I reckon it is somewhere around here. I got a GPS reading, but the GPS is out in the car, and I cannot be arsed to go and look it up. It might be this:

Sturt Hwy @-34.998729, 146.790332

In case you think the above photo is an optical illusion, here is another view.

Not many trains are going to run along here, especially when some bastard has built a fence straight across the tracks.

Here was my initial attempt to photograph this at 100kmh - didn't come out too clearly. There is a grain silo just down the line, and it looks well abandoned. I was going to drive into the silo to have a closer look, but never got around to turning off and seeing it close up.

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