Sunday, 13 January 2008

Criminal question

Do burglars still steal CD's when they rob your house?

I thought of that question whilst reading a series of comments on Samizdata regarding the CD.

I have been robbed on numerous occasions, and have rebuilt my CD collect some 5 times. I hate to think how many I bought over the years - probably well over 1,000. However, I have not been burgled in about 15 years, and that was the last time any CD's went walkabout.

I also used to be paranoid about taking my CD's out of the car. I don't have to worry about that any longer (with the iTunes adaptor on the car stereo), but we still carried CD's in the car up until 6 months ago. At what point, years ago, did I stop worrying about some young thug breaking a window to run off with my CD collection? When did I stop taking the CD's out of the car when I parked it?

If anything should convince the music moguls that CD's are a dead letter, the lack of desirability to thieves should be a huge, flashing neon sign saying "No one cares about them anymore".

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