Tuesday, 29 January 2008

More of the same

One thing about getting on the bike is that you see a lot of variety between cyclists in what they wear, what they ride, what they carry, how they ride etc etc. After all, it's all hanging out for all to see.

I still haven't worked up a really full blown classification system though for all the different types that I see on the road. This guy is pretty much a clone of me - except that he is about half my size.

Consider the following:

Nice helmet and nice lycra clothes.

Lots of red rear flashing light thingys so that cars don't clean you up from behind.

Road bike, stripped for action.

Gloves, cool sunglasses and "proper" cycling shoes (ie, stiff soled).

The only real differences are weight, and the fact that he shaves and I don't. I didn't get a good look at the bike, but you are probably looking at having to spend at least $4,000 to look like this, and a lot more if he is on a fancy bike. Commuting don't always come cheap.

Here is my least favourite corner in the universe. I've just ridden up the road behind Darling Harbour, and I have to get across this disaster of an intersection and then turn right across the traffic to get back onto a cycle lane. I don't know who thought this up, but they are a fucking pea brain. It is an absolutely shocking place to ride a bike.

By the way, if you ever want to witness what a small investment in cycling infrastructure can do for cycling numbers, sit at this pub and watch the bikes go by. It looks a bit like Hanoi at peak hour.

I've never tried this until now - pointing the camera over my shoulder and snapping the guys trailing behind me. Notice the "loose trail" - commuters don't bunch like say a peleton or a training squad. I was surprised that it worked out. I was half expecting to get a photo of a tree.

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