Thursday 16 July 2009

What the picture doesn't tell you

I picked up a paper copy of The Australian at work today - something I rarely do anymore - and had a quick look at this story on Obama. The headline "Barack Obama borrows Ronald Reagan's nuclear pitch" does not work as well online, as in the paper edition, it was accompanied by a photo of Obama tossing the first ceremonial pitch at a baseball game. In the online edition, no mention is made of the baseball game or the pitch, so the use of the word "pitch" falls flat without the photo.

What I did find interesting though is that the caption accompanying the photo, and the story, said nothing about the crowd booing at Obama.

It's like it never happened..... it's just been erased from history.


kc said...

I'd have booed, too. White Sox...pffft-boo-hiss!

And you're right, not a whisper. Imagine that...

Paco said...

I've seen a clean video of the pitch, and if the catcher hadn't reached over the plate to catch it, it would have hit the ground.