Saturday 18 July 2009

Keeping track of the rent, part 1

The Australian is reporting today that the price of prestige homes has tumbled 40%. As I mentioned last week, it appears anyone asking rents over $650 in our area is nuts, and rents over that price are tumbling. I've therefore decided to start keeping tabs on properties in the 2046 and surrounding postcodes, just to see if there is any truth to this or not.

I did a search today for houses with 3 or more bedrooms, priced from $700 to $1,000. Next week, I'll widen the search to start at $600, and see if any of these properties have dropped into that lower bracket, or been rented.

  • 434 Great North Road ABBOTSFORD $700
  • 85 Renwick Street DRUMMOYNE $750
  • 9a Wrights Road DRUMMOYNE $780
  • 30 Preston Avenue FIVE DOCK $800
  • 9 Coralie Street WAREEMBA $800
  • 20 Thornley Street DRUMMOYNE $900
  • 6 Shackel Avenue CONCORD $950
  • 32 Polding Street DRUMMOYNE $1,000
  • 7 Burnell Street DRUMMOYNE $1,000
  • 32 Barton Avenue HABERFIELD $1,000
  • 41 Barton Avenue HABERFIELD $1,000
We have a few properties in the area that rent for $1,500 per week, but I thought I'd not bother with them.

1 comment:

Steve D said...

I wonder if your listing of said adresses shall have any influence on the market, since your post may be seen by anyone who happens to Google any of these addresses...