Wednesday 29 July 2009

Wednesday ride

Start time around 7.30am. 8 degrees showing on the dodgy bike thermometer. No wind, clear skies. Opt for fingerless gloves, as they have more grip than the full length ones, and I will be riding home in the early afternoon when it will be 19 or so, and the full finger gloves will simply fill with sweat at that temperature.

Meet many bikes on the way. This guy opted for half-calf length leg warmers - I don't really get that idea. Why not go all the way to the ankle? What is the point of freezing the lower portion of your leg. He's also got a sachel slung across his back - I hate the idea, as they tend to wobble around more than a back pack. But they are cool, and I guess that's what counts.

We formed a small train not long after - a quick over the shoulder snap of my tail gunner.

Green fluro vests and jackets are the item of choice for commuters it seems. Being of the Captain Sensible type, we like to be seen. This guy must have frozen his legs. He's also opted for KT-26 type sneakers on old fashioned pedals, rather than clipping in with cleats. That's an almighty pannier he's got there too.

Another bright green commuter, with big pannier. I wonder what makes them choose left vs right with the panniers?

There's always a gumby that doesn't know the correct spot to queue at this intersection. It's not pleasant having cars turn left in front of you when you are waiting to cross, so most wait where I am standing in the next lane across.

Gumby pedestrians, standing on the pram ramp, unaware that in a few seconds, a horde of cyclists are going to charge across here on the green and jostle to be first up that ramp.

A better photo of the Pyrmont bridge bike train in action. There were 8 or 10 bikes in this train, all snaking across in single file, threading the gaps between the pedestrians.

I was surprised to see the Bridge yesterday as I shot down Argyle St. I looked to my left as I went past a side street, and there it was for a second or so, close as can be.

And then I was at work, and that was it.

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Blognor Regis said...

I reckon knee warmers are probably the best bit of bike clothing a cyclist can have. Perhaps it's because average temps in Britain are lukewarm?