Thursday 16 July 2009


Almost got cleaned up today - by a cycle courier of all people that went through a red light and attempted to weave through us pedestrians crossing with the light. I felt like shoulder charging the prick.

On a scary note, I have had two close calls whilst driving recently. I was taking the Monkey and Mr Squishy to day care one morning last week, and I got a green arrow to turn left. A lady in a Mercedes 4WD came blatting through the red from my right without thinking - her light had been red for a good 20 seconds, so it was not a matter of her running it. Clearly her brain was in neutral, but she realised what she had done just before plowing into my rear quarter panel and managed to stop. The look of horror on her face was evident even in my rear view mirror.

The other was driving around The Bay coming home with the kids from day care - another woman in a big 4WD put her brain into neutral and decided to spend her time watching the people running on the pedestrian path as she came around a curving bend. She wasn't watching what she was doing, and came well over the double white line into my lane. I was about to mount the kerb to get out of her way when she came to and rapidly yanked her tank back into her own lane.

There are some seriously mentally deficient people driving around on our roads. If it's this bad when I am chugging around in the 4WD, imagine what it is like on two wheels.

Seriously, if someone has a bushmaster cannon to sell me, I'll work out some way to rig it up on the car with a remote control fire system.


kae said...

Hmm. Couple of close shaves!

Driving home from the city one day on a winding road I nearly cleaned up a motor cyclist who was leaning into a corner and the wheels of the bike were about on the first of the double lines and the rest of him was leaning over on my side of the road. Nowhere to go for me, guardrail, but there was just enough space for me to move over and not hit him.
I suspect he wasn't paying attention like I was. Had I been dozing he would most definitely have smacked his head into my headlight.

Steve D said...

Go easy on the second lady, BoaB, some of those (male?) runners may have been very well toned. At least it sounds like a reversal to the usual arrangement of genders in this particular situation...