Wednesday 8 July 2009

Act!onaid stupidity - international edition

I had a small rant at Act!onaid a few weeks ago. The top execs are very well paid, and if it was not for government grants, 93% of their income from donations would be soaked up by expenses.

Now we have an article from the UK Telegraph that lifts the lid on their ideology.

The more I see of some charities, the more I conclude that those running them and working for them are a bunch of power-tripping greedheads who have found a niche where they can wallow in guilt funded luxury and boss the little people of the world around. Apart from the Salvos and Vinnies, I am hard pressed to find any major charity that has not been taken over by management consultants who are more interested in a car space and a fat salary than trying to enable the less fortunate to lift themselves out of poverty and squalor.

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