Saturday 4 July 2009

Tony Abbott - legend of liberty

Tony Abbott rightly branded the NSW government a "nanny state" this week for banning parents from smoking in a car with kids, and promptly copped some flak from one of the usual fake charities - Action on smoking and health.

The funny thing is this - I have trawled through the ASH website, and done several google searches, and can find no sign of an annual report for ASH. Interesting. I'd like to see exactly where their funding is coming from, where it is going, and what their top management is earning. ASH is supposedly partly funded by the Cancer Council, but a review of their latest annual report does not mention ASH in the Grants section of their financial statements on page 54. Hmm. Unless they are hiding it under the $4.1 million they spend on advocacy.

Working for a charity like the Cancer Council is not bad work. The top 7 managers took home $1.279 million between then, or an average of $182,000 each.

The Mad Monk was also criticised by a mob called "Democracy Watch - Australian for Political Funding Reform" - and if you read their web site, you get this:

Copyright Notice

Copyright © The Greens NSW 2004 - 2008. All rights reserved.

The Democracy4sale research project welcomes the use of data on this website by journalists, academics or anyone with an interest in political party donations.

We request that you credit either the Democracy4sale project or the Greens NSW.

In other words, he was attacked by a front group for the Greens. Why can't they just come out and say, "We are the Greens"?

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