Saturday 4 July 2009

New research?

The SMH announced today that:

Adele Horin
July 4, 2009

THE Howard government's family policies left a legacy of stressed, overworked parents and set gender equity back a decade, a new study shows.

A study by Lyn Craig and Killian Mullan, of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of NSW, shows the ascendancy of the family model promoted by the former prime minister: a father in full-time work and a mother in part-time work, depicted in his speeches as "the policeman and the part-time sales assistant".

New study? Really? Would this be the same study mentioned back in December 2008 in The Age?

Mums still bear brunt of housework

Adele Horin
December 1, 2008

Dr Craig, with colleague Dr Killian Mullan, will present the findings at an international conference of time-use researchers, starting at the Wesley Conference Centre in Sydney today.
Adele Horin must be really into being green, since she seems to be rather good at recycling old articles.

Crikey, The Age used that December article twice as well - once in the Lifestyle section and once in Essential Baby. That's extra, extra recycling.

About the only difference between the latest article and the previous ones is that Doctors Craig and Mullan are no longer Doctors in the most recent incantation. They are plain old Lyn and Killian. Isn't it patronising and demeaning to strip women of their hard-earned titles like that?

I wonder what Barbara Boxer would make of that discourtesy?

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Margo's Maid said...

Nice catch BOAB. I strongly suspect this would not be the first time Adele has been caught out recycling columns.