Sunday 26 July 2009

Riding in the Rocks

My current commute provides me with two options for getting to and from work - hammering up George St, which is a silly idea (that's one of the busiest roads in the city) or taking a loop around the back of the city, going past the office and then through part of The Rocks and then back to the office via quiet back streets. Part of the ride takes me through the Argyle Cut - more on that here.

The cut is quite enormous, especially considering that it was hewn out of the surrounding sandstone by convicts. People these days complain about prison being tough - imagine having to chisel this out with hand tools.

The trees at the top of the cut are fantastic - I always think of Harry Potter and the Whomping Willow when I ride past these. It's dark in the cut, and photos always turn out with a spooky flavour.

The guys have been cut out of them, presumably because power lines used to be above ground along this street. The power lines are gone, but the trees remember them.

1 comment:

anon said...

Your photos are great, the tunnel shots do look dark and haunted, and the trees are magnificent.

I think chiseling a tunnel out of a mass of sand-stone is an excellent way for convicts to fill their days and earn their 3 square.