Thursday 16 July 2009

Fish fingers

I am under instructions to clean out the freezer so that it can be defrosted. With that in mind, I cooked up a packet of fish fingers for dinner.

I have not had fish fingers in 20 years. My idea of a fish finger these days is what we had for dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant a few weeks ago - sardine fillets, dusted with parmesan and herbs, crumbed and fried. Delicious.

The fish fingers from the freezer were not that good. They were nasty. I feel like a fish has crapped in my mouth.

I fed them to Monkey for the first time. He wolfed down my sardine fillets, but he turned his nose up at fish fingers. Since when have 3 year old kids scoffed sardine fillets dusted with parmesan? I was reduced to peeling the fish fingers in order to induce him to eat the contents. Have you ever seen the inside of a fish finger? Even then, he ate one, then pushed them off his plate.

Smart Monkey.

We have half a box left in the freezer. Even Junior is over them. So much for "waste not, want not". I want to waste them.


Anonymous said...

So waste them. J xo

kae said...


Frozen prepared fish in a box from the supermarket is risky.

I had fish and chips at the cafeteria at work recently. Never again. Someone else in the lunch room told me that she knew that type of fish very well.

"It's triangle fish, from the supermarket."

There's a fishmonger in town. I get real fish from him. Yum.