Friday 3 July 2009

Green madness in Byron

The fruitloops in Byron Bay have gone off the deep end again, refusing to allow landowners to build seawalls to protect their properties from erosion.

I have a simple solution.

The landowners should give the council two fingers and build the walls anyway. When the council turns up with a bulldozer to demolish it, lie down in front of the dozer. At night, put sugar or sand in the fuel tank. Cut the hydraulic lines. Chain yourself to your sea wall. Get your friends to run around singing "we shall overcome" whilst waving red banners. Make sure young children are involved, and put at risk by heavy earth moving machinery. Call in the media and accuse the police of brutality and excessive force. Scream, rant and throw yourselves to the ground in a theatrical manner. Arrange for every ratbag, rent-a-crowd loonie to join in.

If it's good enough for the greens to pull those kind of stunts in order to block legalised logging activities, why shouldn't they be given a taste of their own medicine?


Anonymous said...

After recent storms over here I have seen them swinging big concrete pipe over to the beach and dropping a big bag of sand into it to create a tempory sea wall, that presumably will be pulled out the same way once the sand has built up again or the worst of the storms have passed.

These things are ugly enough that no land holder will want to look at them, but an effective way to stop the pile of bricks joining the garden in the drink. Quick to deploy and just as qick to pull out I should think.


Anonymous said...

I would think that, as these people had council planning permission to built their homes in the first place, they are entitled to sue the council if it prevents them from adequately maintaining and defending their properties.

Sure, I always thought they were nuts to build so close to the sea at Belongil (and on many parts of the NSW central coast in the 70s), but the fact is they had full council planning approval to do so with no caveats, and therefor have rights as landowners.

RebeccaH said...

I'm with you on the civil disobedience, Boy. I believe if you can save your land with seawalls, by all means, save it.

Just don't ask taxpayers to subsidize it.