Wednesday 18 November 2009

Windy Wednesday

Why do clothing companies adopt such strange names these days? What happened to using your name, like Thomas Pink, for your clothing company?

The knicks (shorts) being worn by this bloke are made by Cannibal. I'm sure cannibals would love to chew on his sleek and muscley legs.

This bloke has knicks by Capo. Is the Mafia moving into cycling? Again, his legs are very smooth. I am still firmly in the hair-legged camp. Note the clean lines on their bikes though - no panniers for these dudes. They'd rather suffer the discomfort of a backpack than admit that they have joined the ranks of the commuter. There's a strong sociological/psychological element at play here. Those that train or race on weekends abhor the idea of panniers - it's like a tow ball or a roo bar on a Porsche. By avoiding panniers, they maintain the idea that they are lightweight, low drag racers.

Racing to get home. I didn't sit on the back of this pack of hubbard for long - just long enough to get this photo.

See the lady with the arrow pointing at her head on the middle-right? She had a paddle in a padded bag strapped to her back. Up the creek without a kayak. That's different.

Notice the bloke on the left hugging the pole? Typical behaviour of those of us with cleats - it's easier to lean on something than click out of the pedal - and you get a faster take off.

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