Thursday 5 November 2009

Daily blits

Hipster on motorised scooter. So what? Well, he's about 62 years old. Not quite the age group you'd expect to see on one of these. Plus the attire is a bit out of the ordinary.

Tanned. Fit. Big, sticky-outy ears. Works at ABN-Amro. Anyone at that company know someone with big ears reminiscent of Flapper?

A Libertarian at rest (no helmet). A rebel without a skullcap. Otherwise, very fit and serious looking.

One thing I have found over the last year or two of photographing cyclists is that to date, of the hundreds of photos I have taken, only one person has shown any sign of noticing me taking their photo. Either I am an incredibly sneaky photographer, or people spend most of their time in an unobservant thought bubble.

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