Sunday 15 November 2009

Where are the Greenies complaining about pollution?

I've blogged time and again about how much cleaner our air and most of our rivers are these days than when I was a kid. Controls on industrial waste, scrubbers on power stations and enormous improvements in motor vehicle engine management systems have produced great improvements in air quality. I know - I breathe in large quantities of it every day as I ride to and from work, and I can tell you, it's quite breathable.

Then we have pollution in China. This series of photos is quite incredible (thanks to Watts Up With That). I've visited the old steel plants in Wollongong and Newcastle (when it was still running) and they were nothing like this.

Nothing quite explains the cheapness of life in China as these photos.


Anonymous said...

I live at the Gong, just near the lake (Lake Illawarra) and not too far from Port Kembla.

The worst stink in the air sometimes come from the lake!

But it's natural (choke, cough, choke)


Peter Dyson said...

I dunno what you're breathing, but here in Brisbane, riding along any main road with decent traffic and you can taste the pollution...yech. I've ordered a face mask filter to see if it cuts the pollution down a bit for me. Then again, in Brisbane you can't rely on public transport in any way at all, so maybe lots more people drive for that reason.