Tuesday 10 November 2009

Several hundred good reasons to ride to work

Most days, the traffic into town flows fairly well. Sure, it's not always moving quickly, but it does tend to move.

Not today. Don't know what went wrong, but the road leading onto the City West Link was a car park stretching back about 1km.

For me, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were not being run over by speeding trucks and my new back tyre failed to puncture once. Not so for the poor buggers fuming in traffic as they attempted to get to their places of employment.

Sure, cycling is hard work. You get wet, hot, drenched, windblown and have to put up with occasional mouthful of flies in summer. Flat tyres happen. Ball rash can be a problem. Calf muscles cramp every now and then at 3am when you're peacefully passed out in bed. Fate sometimes dishes out a rendevous with the road surface. But it's almost never, ever frustrating. Raised blood pressure has never been an issue when I've been in the saddle.

Live long, and relax.

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