Sunday 22 November 2009

CRU emails No. 7 - blogs rule!

Blogs have impact. Pity it's Real Climate they are talking about.

From: "Folland, Chris"
To: "Phil Jones"
Subject: RE: FW: Temperatures in 2009
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 17:01:37 -0000


Thanks. Bad news today. Nature Geosciences wont publish this because the Real Climate Blog mentions (more vaguely) the basic content of what we have written. That is indeed the reason Nature Geosciences have given. It seems blogs can now prevent publication! I have suggested to Jeff we try GRL but only after raising this issue with them.


Prof. Chris Folland
Research Fellow, Seasonal to Decadal Forecasting (from 2 June 2008)

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