Wednesday 18 November 2009

Some taxi drivers are just arrogant pricks

I've traveled with the entire cross section of taxi drivers in my time - the chatty ones, the silent ones, the smelly ones, the mental ones, the nice ones, the non-English speakers, the scammers, those with pristine cabs, those driving rubbish dumpsters, the smokers, the coughers, the political types, the racists and the incredibly, depressingly, scarily incompetent.

For instance, I had a driver last year that insisted on driving at 11pm with two blown headlights. The low beam on both sides was gone, but the high beam still worked. His modus operandi was to drive along the street flashing his high beam constantly. He drove for some distance along the Pacific Highway using this flashing method (which annoyed and distracted every other driver on the road), and then continued to use it as we pulled into quiet suburban streets. When I suggested he needed to get the lights fixed in order to safely operate his cab, he got quite irate. Those sort of morons are out there driving cabs, every day.

Here's another one.

I'm boodling along in my lane, when Mr Aggressive decides to ram into my lane without:

1. Using his mirrors
2. Turning his head, or
3. Indicating

I know that he didn't look, as I could see his head from my position. He saw that the space next to his cab was empty, so in he went. He didn't even consider that there might have been someone about to move into that space. I had to haul on the brakes to avoid imprinting his number plate on my forehead.

Driver of T.355 - you are a fucking moron.

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Glenn Mark Cassel said...

They tend to be that way pretty mcuh in every country I have been too and in most cities over 100,000 in population in this country. The best cab ride ever was in Portsmouth, England in late 1975.