Friday 27 November 2009

Good lookers, gumbies and lots of photos

Handsome devil. Never seen a bus that clean and shiny.

Gumby coming off the worst pedestrian bridge in Sydney - note he has his left foot out for balance. A sure sign of a gumby.

And here he is again on another curve on the bridge. Out of my way, gumby.

I stopped to help a bloke who had a flat. He had no pump, so he borrowed mine. Whilst he attempted to put some air in his tyre, my camera caught lots of cyclist going past.

I was only there a few minutes. Just shows what a busy commuting route this has become.

Why is it that some people are just so bloody hopeless at parking their cars. There are times when I feel like carrying some pliers and using them to cut the tops off their tyre valves.

And here is the NRMA showing their usual contempt for cyclists - nothing like sticking the nose of your van into the bike lane and giving me no room to get past. Twat.

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Hamish said...

you ARE aware how illegal it is to secretly record pedestrians close up, right?