Monday 23 November 2009

CRU emails no 15 - "earth government"?

I have no idea who this email on Earth Government was sent to, as the "To:" part is missing.

However, it's disturbing to find that someone at the CRU was subscribing to this mailing list.

Various skeptics like Lord Monckton have been mocked for saying that Copenhagen is about creating a world government. Yet here we have a member of one of the world's premier global warming research centres apparently believing just that.

I found this by doing a search on "tax" and it popped up this beauty:

* the ruling by the Earth Court of Justice of the abolishment of the debt of the poor or developing nations as it is really a form of global tax to be paid annually by the rich or industrialized nations to the developing nations

Sounds just like Copenhagen, except that it was written back in 2003.

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