Sunday 29 November 2009

I hate these people

This sort of thing has happened to me three times in the last month. A bonehead driver overtakes, then decides to do a U-turn. However, because they are completely incapable and incompetent, they start the U-turn by hanging hard left into the bike lane before swinging right into the U-turn. They just completely ignore the fact that they have just overtaken a bike, and are swinging into the bike lane in front of a fast moving bike.

The first vehicle that did this to me was a taxi. There was another car coming up behind me when he did it, and the second car had to slam on the brakes when the taxi did a sudden unannounced U-turn right in front of them. No indicator, no nothing.

The amazing thing was that the taxi driver's window was down, and I could see the expression on this face. Although the second car pulled up in a cloud of tyre smoke not a foot from his window, he appeared to not even notice the fact that he had almost been T-boned. He just put his foot down and took off in the opposite direction as the driver of the car next to me swore and beeped and generally shook his fist. The taxi dude looked seriously stoned.

Since then, I've really been on the lookout along this stretch for idiots pulling this manouevere, and I finally caught one on film. The other thing to note about this particular incident is that the driver of the black car had driven for several blocks with their indicator on, so by the time we reached this spot, I had assumed they didn't realise it was on, and were driving along in dreamland. So it was a bit of a shock when they actually moved left!

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bigtones said...

Probably the most scariest moment I experianced on a motorbike involved a U-turning vehicle in front of me. After riding over 600km in one day I was less than 2km form home and a car that had turned right off a main highway when I had turned left of the highway (coming from the opposite direction) pulled over to the left. I accelerated to go round, when it proceded to execute (nearly me) a uturn in front of me. To take a 800cc motorbike form nearly full go to full stop in less than 30m leaves the mouth full of pounding heart. Somehow I managed to keep it upright, putted home and had a drink to celebrate life.