Thursday 12 November 2009

Thursday photo essay

Wayne Swan pushing a few bags of free cash into the CBD. Line up for yer $900.

I bet this is how most of us will feel in a few years when it comes to paying off the bills that Kev and Woin are running up on our behalf.

"I've got lawyers on my arse!" (Carroll & O'Dea are a law firm).

Ms Casual on a very relaxed looking bike. Not all commuters are lycra clad speed freaks.

I followed one lady home tonight who was riding shoeless. That might have been because it was pissing down with rain at the time, and she decided her shoes would be better off travelling home in her waterproof saddle bag. One thing I did noticed is that she had a huge tattoo on her back. I could only see a few inches of it as her shirt rode up, but it was a lot more than a simple set of arse antlers. I have the feeling she had something like a big dragon all the way up her back - yet when we stopped side by side at the lights, she barely reached my shoulder.

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