Sunday 29 November 2009

The bike route that actually needs fixing

More on the crummy bike route in a moment. For now, here's a devilishly handsome fellow reflected in the arse end of a Statesman.

Now to the crummy bike route. One bone that I have to pick with the Sydney Council is that they are doing all the easy bits first in the bike route upgrade project through Pyrmont. They're building a bike lane where we don't need one, whilst ignoring a hyper-dangerous section outside the Pyrmont Hotel.

In the evening, the only way to get from the Pyrmont Bridge onto this particular bike route is to ride the wrong way up a short section of very busy road. It means trying to get up this bit of street before a fast moving car, bus or truck comes around the bend in the outside lane and takes you out. It is an absolute horror of a thing to do - but it is the only way to get a large number of bikes through this bottle neck in the minimum amount of time. The footpath is out, as it is totally congested with pedestrians.

Unfortunately for Council, the only solutions to this are contentious, and I don't believe the Mayor has the guts to make the necessary tough decisions to fix it. Some people are going to be very annoyed. However, I'd prefer that they fixed it, and stopped a cyclist from being very dead.

It will really piss me off if Clover comes out this way and cuts a ribbon to announce the opening of a new and improved cycle route if this bit is not fixed first. It's a black spot, and it has to go.

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Richard_H said...

Hate to say it BOAB but, from an engineering perspective, it makes sense to do the easy stuff first....