Sunday 29 November 2009

Idiot taxi driver

I guess it would come as no surprise to most that some taxi drivers are idiots. Unthinking, uncaring idiots. I particularly hate the ones that pull out without indicating or looking in the mirror or over their shoulder, especially when they are fiddling with their booking computer and looking anywhere except the road ahead or behind them. I've had a few just bolt out in front of me of late, and the driver has always had their face inches away from the booking computer and one hand on it, fiddling with the buttons.

In the clip below, the bike in front of me was lucky not to go straight into the back of the taxi as it pulled out. The camera always flattens the perspective, so it doesn't seem that he comes that close, or is in that much trouble, but when it happened, my heart was in my mouth - I thought for a moment I was going to be imprinted in the back of the taxi.

The driver then meandered off like he was on drugs. I wonder if some of these guys aren't managing their fatigue levels properly, and they're simply knackered and sleep-addled by the end of their shift. It wouldn't surprise me to find that some are driving half asleep without realising it.

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Unknown said...

That's typical behavior from a taxi driver... I too have dashcam and see this continually happening....