Wednesday 11 November 2009

Not so squeezy

How brave are you? Would you shoot the gap below at 40km/h with nothing more than a thin smear of lycra to protect your skin?

Me? Not in a million years. I definitely would have done it 25 years ago, but time has taught me how fragile the human body can be, and how fickle are the fates.

If you wouldn't put your life on the line to zoom through that gap, imagine how it must feel when a bus goes by at 50km/h and leaves you just that amount of room - or less.

That's what happened on the T-way a few weeks ago, causing the cyclist to go postal on the driver. I can handle it when the bus driver is forced by circumstances and traffic into giving me very little room - but how would you take it if someone did that to you deliberately? Check out the size of that bus, and the closeness - it could snuff you out in the second. And if all else failed, I could bail left and go over the kerb. On the T-way, the only thing on the other side of the cyclist was a concrete wall.

All I can say to my fellow cyclists is this - don't get mad. Get a video camera like mine, and get even.

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Peter Dyson said...


Can you do a blog post about your camera mount and camera model? I've read one post you did about your cam, but was wondering if you could show us some photos of it and how it's mounted and what model it is,etc. Maybe with a few of the coolest clips you've caught with it?