Sunday 8 November 2009

Inept, incompetent, incomprehensible urban design

I have this thing about riding on the footpath - ie, I don't like doing it. Apart from the footpath being for people who are on foot, travelling on the footpath is annoyingly slow, and they tend to be lumpy and badly maintained - and that hurts my bottom. Footpaths are not for me.

There are times though when one has to lay one's principles and buttocks aside and take to the footpath. The only place I do it is around the Slip Inn in the CBD.

The shit-for-brains planners who have the CBD under their purview obviously have no fucking idea of how people are using the streets and bike paths that they have planned. They sit in their ivory towers and plan how people should do things. People take one look at what has been built, go "That is utter shite", and they go elsewhere.

The planners of course immediately think that there is nothing wrong with their plans - instead, the people are defective. Things would work properly if only we had the right sort of people.

I am one of those defectives.

The planners have built a bike route from the Pyrmont Bridge that goes up King St into the heart of the CBD. That's fine if you have a death wish, and work in the heart of the CBD. For those like me that work in the northern end of the CBD, the better option is to avoid King St and go left onto Sussex St. A planner with half a brain worked out that there would be a need for a route to the north, and so a bike lane starts a few hundred metres north of the King & Sussex St intersection.

What the poo-flinging monkey rooters didn't plan for was the idea that cyclists might actually want to come off the Pyrmont Bridge, turn left and join that bike lane going north. Or that cyclists coming from the north down Sussex St might want to turn right onto the Pyrmont Bridge. The failure to link the two shows me that most planners in this city are suffering from a bad case of advanced brain death.

The results are shown in the video above - chaos and near catastrophe each and every morning and evening as dozens of bikes take to the footpath to avoid a death trap.

We'd be better off if most urban planners were dropped into a cement mixer and poured into the foundations of a new six lane highway.

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