Tuesday 17 November 2009

Insane cow in a car

I had the small pleasure this morning of witnessing a near run thing from close up. I was approaching a set of lights with a Hilux to my right. The lights went orange, and the Hilux stopped.

The driver of a black sports car of some sort that was tailgating the Hilux almost rear ended the Hilux, and the idiot tailgating driver immediately leant on her horn to complain. I look over my shoulder, and beheld a furious woman behind the wheel of the sports car. From the expression on her face, and the set of her shoulders, I could see that she was incensed that something as lowly as a Hilux would impede her progress. Unfortunately, the field of view of my camera is too narrow to pick up the near impalement of her radiator on the silver tow ball of the Hilux.

When the lights went green, the black sports car took off, swerving closely around the Hilux and then went speeding up the road.

Not long after, the woman spotted a parking spot, and proceeded to park very badly. She parked so badly, she had to drive out and then reverse in again. However, in doing so, she came shooting out of her parking spot without looking my way. If I had been a bit faster, she would have run me over. If there had been a car in front of me, she would have T-boned it.

She was, in short, a fucking idiot. Nothing worse than a combination of entitlement, aggression and poor driving skills behind the wheel of a relatively fast car.

The thing that got me is that if she was nuts enough to take on a Hilux - the indestructible beast of the road - how would she react to a bicycle getting in her way?


Pedro the Ignorant said...

Sounds like Belinda Neal was having one of her better days.

wv: masha :-)

1735099 said...

Looks like a Toyota Celica - pronounced "Sillycar".