Monday 23 November 2009

CRU emails no 19 - oust this troublesome editor

The editor of GRL asked for comment on a paper that he was thinking of publishing. Just asking for comments got him this:

At 04:30 PM 1/20/2005, Tom Wigley wrote:


This is truly awful. GRL has gone downhill rapidly in recent years. I think the decline began before Saiers. I have had some unhelpful dealings with him recently with regard to a paper Sarah and I have on glaciers -- it was well received by the referees, and so is in
the publication pipeline. However, I got the impression that Saiers was trying to keep it from being published.

Proving bad behavior here is very difficult. If you think that Saiers is in the greenhouse skeptics camp, then, if we can find documentary evidence of this, we could go through official AGU channels to get him ousted. Even this would be difficult.

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