Saturday 10 May 2008

Why can he have a pistol and I can't?

It turns out that the Casino gunman, who had three handguns on him, had a long offence record stretching back to 1992, and his lawyers are claiming that he has "significant mental health issues".

I have no criminal record, and as far as I am concerned, I am not nuts. You may beg to differ, but I feel as sane as the sago plum pudding that I was talking to yesterday. The pudding thought so too, telling me that I have a very stable personality and that I was less homicidal than a whale hugging vegan crystal healer. That was right before I stuck a knife into the guts of the pudding and ripped out its beating heart and covered it in brandy custard and ate it in one quick bite. Har har har har har.

Oops, back to reality. I don't know why I am channeling Lecter at the moment. He normally only comes out at the full moon.

So how does this mental clown get his hands on three handguns? Hmm? Haven't heard a peep from anyone in the media about that. An omerta-like silence has descended over this topic. I have only seen a single, solitary comment on any of the stories, and it said "Well, gun control is really working, isn't it?", and no one was quick enough to pick up on that.

I could understand him getting his hands on one illegal handgun, but three? That requires a bit of effort.

And if he did get them legally, well, someone deserves a right kick up the bum. Imagine allowing someone convicted of stalking and a string of other offences to still hold handguns.

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