Saturday 3 May 2008

Rudd just can't sit still

A story from the ABC today, courtesy of Currency Lad.

Dear Leader is now interested in cutting motorcycle deaths. Krudd wants to go through the usual bureaucratic nonsense - "We're going to look at a whole series of practical measures from the community about how we can bring this appalling fatality and injury rate down."

A quick browse through the comments is instructive. Some of those writing comments clearly have more practical experience in this field than all the road safety time servers and paper pushers put together, which is not unusual. On matters like this, we have this horrible habit of deferring to pubes who have an office and their snout in the trough and a fancy title. Their pronouncements are taken as gospel, and repeated gormlessly by a compliant media.

I don't know why Dear Leader is getting involved in this - doesn't he have better things to do? Or shouldn't he be delegating this type of thing to the Transport Minister? We don't have a government of one - we have a government of many. The silly bastard needs to learn the art of letting other people get on with their jobs, and staying out of their way. It's all going to end in tears if he keeps this up.

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