Monday 19 May 2008

The agony that is Victoria Road

The RTA, in its wisdom, has decided for some time to operate a flow control mechanism at the end of Victoria Road - if you look in the middle of this photo, you can see a line of traffic cones veering off to the left - they are there to ensure that the three lanes on the left all go left, and only traffic in the far right hand lane can go right. At some point in the morning, a truck pulls up here and a bloke jumps out and removes the cones, and the two right hand lanes can go right.

There is only one problem with this system - dickhead drivers. At least once a week, I turn up at this spot and find a line of angry, beeping drivers in the 2nd lane from the right, because a bozo has driven down the lane and wanted to turn right, but has arrived at the front of the queue to find that he has to go left. Bozo then stops, refuses to proceed, and tries to butt into the lane to the right. Traffic banks up for half a mile.

Drivers in that lane get ticked off, and refuse to let him in. Everyone blows their horn - some continuously. (As an aside, I have noticed that the house closest to this point has been up for sale twice in the last 6 months. Might be something to do with the cacaphony of racket at 7am).

I decided to photograph this debacle when I saw it last week, and what should be the vehicle causing the mayhem?

Yes, the logo on the side says "had an accident"? This is a van from a car rental company that rents cars to you when yours is at the panel beater. So I presume this bozo has had a prang doing something stupid, and now finds himself doing something stupid - this time in a rental vehicle. Typical, isn't it?

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