Thursday 15 May 2008

The underclass are not that far away

Maybe I live a sheltered life, but I was rather stunned this week to read this article. Imagine that - gangs of feral kids from a housing commission estate running wild just down the road in Glebe. I had no idea.

We had dinner with a bunch of friends in Glebe last year. Two of those that attended had their car windows smashed in an obvious attempt to steal GPS units and cash. They were two rather unhappy chappies, and that is one reason why I have not been back to Glebe for dinner since. At the time, we thought it was a rare, random and one off kind of thing; but now I read that this sort of stuff happens all the time. The broken glass on the road is testament to the activities of these little bastards.

I can't for the life of me understand why we aren't locking these turds up in some sort of prison school for juveniles. I can just imagine the scene in children's court though - some Legal Aid pinhead gets up in front of a soft headed beak and proclaims that the education of the child will be impacted if they go to jail.

Crap. Young teenage kids that are on the streets at 2.30am or 4am are not going to school that day. Junior is 12, and if he is not in bed by 9.30pm, he is a walking wreck the next morning when it is time to get on the school bus. These little horrors are not going to school, so jailing them is not going to screw up their education.

Even if they are attending school every now and then, I imagine that they are the sort of kids that most teachers would prefer not to have. There is this stupid misconception put around by "education experts" (and teaching unions) that going to school gives you an education.

What a load of unadulterated bollocks. It's entirely possible for a kid to sit in a class all day and not learn a single thing. We know it's easy, because kids are finishing high school barely able to read and completely unable to add up. Going to school does not equal learning anything. You have to go to school and pay attention and make an effort to learn. Just sitting there surrounded by the bricks and mortar of the school will not cause information to somehow leach into the brain of the pupil.

(This by the way is one reason why I can't stand the idea of forcing kids to stay in school after the age of 15. Some of them just aren't meant to be there. That might be thought of as tragic, but it's a fact, so deal with it and move on. I see any move to extend high school attendance as a grab by militant teacher's unions to score more recruits, and little else).

Legal Aid will probably also make an argument that it will have horrible effects on the family life of these poor little dears.

Right. What sort of parent allows a 13 year old to still be out on the streets after midnight? Fuck, after 10pm at night? Get a fucking grip - these kids do not come from normal, functioning, middle class families that obey the usual social norms etc. They come from a background of shit, and tossing them in jail will probably be an improvement over their existing domestic arrangements.

This quote just blows me away:

"If the Government gave us more money then we wouldn't have to rob people," Carson said.

For those that don't know Sydney, Glebe is a suburb that probably has one of the highest densities of cafes and restaurants around. It is a job-mecca for the low skilled. Think of all those cafes that need someone to wait on tables or wash dishes or whatever. You don't need an education or a degree to get a job down there.

You need to be reliable.

You need to be punctual.

You need to be honest.

You need to have a willingness to learn and be amenable to following orders.

In short, getting a job there is a question of character rather than a question of skills or education. You don't even need much in the way of English.

Whenever we see riots in Sydney, some social worker type gets on the tube and explains the riots being caused by a "lack of employment opportunity and public transport".

Yeah, right.

Look at Glebe. You don't need public transport - it's one of those old fashioned suburbs that is densely packed, so you walk around it. Clearly, these Housing Commission creeps have no problems getting to and from Glebe to rod people, so they shouldn't have an issue walking to the same location to work at a job.

Then we have the employment opportunity angle. Like I just said, Glebe is awash with job opportunities in countless cafes and small shops. The only reason for being unemployed in that area is a simple desire to be unemployed. All the usual excuses breakdown. Who cares whether you left school at 14 unable to read - you don't need much in the way of Shakespearean knowledge to wash dishes or stack shelves in the supermarket.

Why do we continue to tolerate these little fuckers running amock? Clearly, we have all gone soft in the head.

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