Friday 16 May 2008

Fury over means test on solar

At least that was the line above an article in the SMH today.

The whole article is worth a read, and I am not going to copy the whole damned lot into my blog.

To sumarise - there used to be a subsidy of $8000 for installing solar panels at home. It's now being means tested, so that people earning over $100k per year won't get it.

The Greens have for once said something sensible:

"What family on less than $100,000 will spend $20,000 on solar panels?"

What family earning over $100,000 will spend $20,000 on solar panels, given that they are a dud investment?

We certainly won't be sticking panels up anytime soon. My brother, who has a net worth measured in 7 numbers, did the sums for putting panels on his roof, and even he blanched at the thought.

They really are an indulgence for the absolutely pie-eyed, deep green tree huggers, or the insanely wealthy who wish to "make a statement".

Give me a nuclear power station any day.

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