Saturday 24 May 2008

Been there, done that

Boy, would the owner of this car have been ticked off this morning. I go down this street from time to time, and often see two cars from this company parked outside what I presume is the owners house. This morning, there was a Police car sitting there as well, along with two Plod doing paperwork (the hilarious thing is that the Police could have walked there from the station, which is less than 50 metres up the road).

My guess is that sometime during the night, a car came ripping down the street and smashed into this parked car, pushing it up onto the verge and also into the other company car parked behind it. What a crummy way to start the day.

Since the Police were there, and there was no sign of another car, I assume it was a hit and run, possibly by some drunken tool heading home from the pub around the corner.

A similar thing happened to me about 10 years ago. As I was walking home, I went past the lane way where I parked my car. It looked a bit odd - like the bonnet was open. When I got closer, I found that the entire front end was smashed in and the bonnet was bent at a 30 degree angle. The car was really quite mangled - I have assumed to this day that it was collected by a truck, since there is no way that a car could have had enough run up in that short, narrow lane way to build up enough speed to smash my car up that badly. I have always had a sneaky suspicion that it was a council garbage truck, but was never able to prove it.

The good thing is that if the owner of this car ever catches the culprit, he has a shop full of interesting tools to try out on his extremities.

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