Monday 12 May 2008

Hitting rock bottom

At dinner the other night, a complaint was made that I take and publish too many photos of bottoms. Ian, these bums are for you, mate. Enjoy.

I think this guy is taking the safety angle just a bit too seriously. Each to their own I guess. I bet he wears sandals at home.

This silly bint pulled right in front of me on Pitt St and tried several times to jump the red light. On each attempt, she had to stop as a car came from the left and turned right across in front of her. But on each red light jumping attempt, she inched further into the intersection - so far that the last car came within a whisker of cleaning her up. As the last car went by, I saw a look of indignation on her stupid mug - hey dumbo! - if you're going to try and run the red and end up way beyond the white line, there's a good chance a car driver minding his own business might run you down.


I raced this guy up Pitt St. He looked like he needed the exercise in order to warm up. It was about 12 degrees at the time, and I was happily sweating into my leggings and spray jacket, whilst he seemed to be shivering.

Bastard beat me too. But I did clock 32 km/h going up the hill, which is a new top speed on this section for me.

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