Saturday 3 May 2008

Surrounded by madness

Here we are, on a morning when even Eskimos would want to stay in bed - and then we spy loons like this guy. Who walks bare chested through the inner suburbs when the temperature is in single digits? This guy must have icicles hanging from his nipples.

A queue of very cool old cars doing the wedding thing.

Who designs this concreted "art" sound barrier shit for the RTA? Someone should chain them to a chunk of it and introduce the "artist" to life in the depths of the sea. Or lack of it.

Here we have a P plater, driving what I would consider to be a fairly quick vehicle.

What parent in their right mind acquiesces to teenage demands to buy something like this? Have they no brains?

Then again, if the parents have no brains, it's likely that the offspring are just as dense. So long as this fool wraps only himself around a power pole, I will not complain.

I know how stupid people are at this age. I once partook in a drunken nude motorbike ride down Stirling Highway at around 1am. As in I was nude, drunk and on a motorbike. On a major highway. I was also carrying several bottles of alcohol. Don't ask why. Just know that I have form when it comes to being a danger to myself, so I know what this young turkey will be getting up to. I'd be lighting the tyres up at every opportunity if I was 19 again and behind the wheel of this thing. But I didn't have a whole lot of driving skill back then, so I somehow made it through 5 crashes with all my limbs intact....... and that was partly due to the fact that I drove slow old buckets that couldn't go fast enough to cause serious damage.

Take it from me sunshine - go and buy something that is not so quick off the line. You might make it to your 21st birthday with any luck.

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