Monday 26 May 2008

Which Blair? project

The inner Dilbert in me has been hankering to get out for a while. Following some discussion over at the Blair graveyard, I decided to run some simple troubleshooting tests on why the new Blair-gasmic site runs more slowly than a one legged dog.

The first screenshot shows my processor going nuts with just one Blair tab open in Firefox. Prior to opening this tab, the processor was idling along almost at rest with six other tabs open. (I've been checking out Kae, Margo, Paco and missred, which should have appeared on my sidebar by now). Note that this particular Blair thread shows comments.

The next screenshot shows how my PC takes a breather when I switch back to the just the main page of Blair-dom. But it is still working much harder than normal. My PC is usually like Kevin Bacon - in that it flatlines all the time.

The final test was to close down the Blair-hog (sob, sob) and check the outcome. The result is that the processor utilisation drops back into single digits, and hovers around 3-5%.

I then did the same test using Safari, and found that processor utilisation went up a bit, but only by about half as much as it does with Firefox.

I am not going to try it with IE, as I view that browser as a bucket of shit. I don't hate Microsoft or Bill - I just think the new browser is a pig with lipstick. It's a preference thing.

So it appears that some code-cutting monkey at News Ltd has not bothered to do any cross-browser testing of his site, which is a sin that normally merits being forced to listen to Britney for about a month.

Someone should try doing a test like this with Opera (I don't have that loaded).


kae said...

They need a kick up the ring to keep them in line.
I like to have everything open so I can see it quickly...

kae said...

psst, just quietly, how do I change the "Posted By" bit to something interesting?
taa muchly

Skeeter said...

I have had similar results while browsing on Tim's DT blog in Firefox.
Haven't been near that site since I found out what was causing my system problems.
I would appreciate it if one of you guys can tell me when it's fixed, because I can't afford to go near it again. It has blown my May ISP bill out of the water and I am off to CashConverters to try and raise some funds before the debit hits my MasterCard.

stackja1945 said...

main page new Tim and comments page code mentions
Opera 8.0+, Firefox, Safari
Any help?

Anonymous said...

If you are using Firefox, bear in mind one of the third-party add-ons (plugins) could be the source of your problems.

For example, the (excellent) ImageZoom plugin sometimes causes CPU usage to hit 99%.

If in doubt, disable all your plugins, or load Firefox in safe-mode and try again.