Monday 12 May 2008

Has Burma got any oil?

I have to ask this question as I opened the paper today to find about half of it was devoted to justifications for telling the Junta to go to hell and just invading in order to get food to those that need feeding.

But I'm sure I have read recently that Burma is sitting on a poultice of gas and oil, and that slave labour has been used to clear pathways through the jungle for pipelines and suchlike.

So, if we invade, will the Leftards go nuts again over "No blood for oil?"

Or are we just going to conveniently ignore the fact that they are sitting on a petrochemical lake and hope that no one notices in our rush to be humanitarian and all that?

The justification for invading is that the regime is nasty and brutish and is allowing people to die because it is sitting around doing nothing.

Funny that. Saddam was nasty and brutish and he didn't just sit around - he actively went out and shot, gassed, tortured and generally did to death hundreds of thousands of people.

So we are allowed to invade oil sodden killers who kill passively, but aren't allowed to invade oil sodden killers who are much more active murderers?

Does anyone else think that lefties and general compassion junkies are long on rhetoric and short on logic?

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