Friday 2 May 2008

Hippies, shadows and sunset

Why is the noble purple so favoured by hippies, yogic flyers and other ill-assorted mungbean smokers? The bag on the pram was advertising a "mind body spirit" tradeshow of some sorts at Darling Harbour (which is where I snapped this pair of witches and sprog). As I went past the pram, I noticed that even poor sprog had been dressed partly in purple. Who do these people think they are - druids?

Note the shadows of me and another cyclist on the building. If I had been a bit quicker, I would have taken a photo showing two levels of cyclist shadows, which would have been doubly interesting (if this sort of thing really interests you).

After a week of cold and misery, it was a treat to ride home on a delightful autumnal afternoon. Crisp, but not freezing. Some days are just deluxe.

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