Saturday 10 May 2008

Law non-enforcement

After the controversy over the collision between 50 bikes and a car this week, I would have thought that some attention would be paid to applying the road rules to cyclists.

Um, nope. This is Sydney. No one, particularly the Plod, gives a toss.

Check out this critter above. He might have a helmet on his head, but the strap is completely undone. I've always wanted to watch on of these tossers go headfirst over the handlebars to see the surprised look on their face when their unprotected scone impacts with the concrete.

Apart from the helmet thing, he's riding on the footpath. Well, not in this photo - but he came down the footpath behind me, and then rode on down the footpath in front of me.

In the process, he almost ran down 3 cops walking up the hill on the path. Did they stop him and tell him to do up his helmet strap and get off the footpath (because he is about double the legal footpath riding age of 12)?

No. The kept on chatting to each other and completely ignored their surroundings.

Not much further down the hill, he nearly ran into another four Plod walking up the same path. They ignored him as well.

If you ever hear any politician in NSW uttering the words "zero tolerance", do us all a favour and laugh very loudly right to their face.

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