Monday 26 May 2008

Farting around with blog settings 101

Class seated? Put away that chewing gum, Saunders, or it's off to the headmaster for you.

Now, open your blog manual to page 42. If you click on the Layout tab at the top of your editing screen, it will open up a thingy where you can add and arange your page elements. The Layout tab should appear under the name of your blog.

Once you are in the layout section, you can make a complete bollocks of your blog in 10 seconds flat. Each element has an "edit" button, and clicking on that will open up all sorts of amazing options. I decided to mess with mine after perusing Rage and Biscuits.

As you can see in the above screenshot (which includes the obligatory kiddie p0rn, since that is the topic of the day), there are plenty of little things that you can tweak in the blog settings.

That will be $50.


kae said...

Fu, er bugger, Boy!
You didn't tell me you were gonna charge for this shit!


Wheelsall said...

Very good article.