Thursday, 23 April 2009

Utterly shattered

I have not been riding much for the last three weeks due to the lousy weather and a horrible dose of the never-ending flu. I spent a week hardly able to leave my bed, another week where I was ok in the morning and back in bed in the afternoon and the last week has been ok, bar a nagging cough that just won't pack up and go home.

During that time, I have done three gentle rides. Three girlie-man rides. Each one ended up with me conked out on the couch for several hours, utterly spent.

I tried again today, thinking that the shakes and chills and fevers and pains and so forth were well and truly in the distant past. I did not push it. I stuck to the flatlands and low-geared it up anything that looked anything like a hill. I raced no one and barely moved my heart rate above resting pace. I got home without a single trace of sweat anywhere on my body. I sometimes get more active than that playing computer games.

J has just kicked me off the couch. I pretty much passed out there after dinner and didn't move for three hours. I am totally drained and utterly shattered. My legs are wobbly and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

This damned thing just won't quit.

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