Sunday, 5 April 2009

One thing Kevin forgot to mention

The latest news on our Dear Leader is that he relishes dumping on powerless underlings who can't fight back, such as Air Force stewards. What a big man he is!

To date, the press has focused on this idea that the RAAF has screwed up on a number of occasions by failing to provide the vitils that Dear Leader demands. However, this assumes that someone in the Dear Leader's office bothered to tell the RAAF of his demands. What do you call that list of demands that rock groups have when they play at a gig? You know, where they ask for a bowl of M&M's that are only blue? Ah yes, a rider.

Now, one thing we know about the Dear Leader is that he flogs his staff mercilessly, working them around the clock with endless demands. 16 of them have burned out so far and quit. In those circumstances, where you have people that are fatigued, overloaded and subject to frequently changing demands, and where key people are quitting on a regular basis, don't you think it just might be possible for someone to forget to tell the RAAF that the Dear Leader wants something done a particular way?

So far, it has been assumed that the RAAF stuffed up the catering arrangements. But what if the stuff up was in fact in Krudd's office instead? How stupid would he look then, taking out his anger on a defenceless underling when the screwup was on his side of the fence instead, and all of his own making. If he didn't work his staff into the ground, they'd be less prone to making mistakes like this.

Just a thought.


nic said...

Boy, that's exactly what I thought. Had it been me, I would have spoken to one of my staffers quietly and said, next time, check with me and lets make sure we organise appropriate food

pedantic home-schooling dad said...

"...failing to provide the vitils that Dear Leader demands"

Pssst. "Victuals."

Boy on a bike said...

The term I was looking for was "vittle", but I was half dead with flu and brain dead.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a flying ef how much the RAAF stuffed his food up. For this country's Prime Minister to lose it over a meal and then serve up a dose of 'I'm special, don't forget it' to a 23 year old is unforgiveable. Just another on time status report for our most forgettable PM ever.

Anonymous said...

Krudd Caught Bullying 23 Yr Old Flight Attendant on PM's Plane?

The Currier Mail this morning reports that the PM Kevin "Krudd" Rudd was caught bullying a young flight attendant on a January flight between Port Moresby to Canberra.

The Mail goes on to describe the incident:

"The incident occurred after Mr Rudd, Treasurer Wayne Swan and other senior officials boarded the VIP jet in the PNG capital. Mr Rudd, who had attended the Pacific Islands Forum, was informed by the young woman that his request for a "special" meal could not be met. According to the report, cabin crew were not even aware of the meal request.

Well-placed sources said Mr Rudd reacted "strongly" and a heated exchange followed.

"The crew were distressed but later in flight apologies were made by all," the report says.

The woman, who is understood to be 23, burst into tears and reported the matter to the senior cabin attendant. She later composed herself and continued with the in-flight service.

"Remedial action was taken to the satisfaction of cabin attendant 1," a government source said. It is understood that included a personal apology from Mr Rudd.
This is not the first unsavoury incident involving Mr Rudd and RAAF cabin crew.

During a 25-minute flight between Sydney and Canberra last June, a well-placed source said the Prime Minister became "extremely irritated" when sandwiches were offered rather than a hot meal.

In answer to written questions, Defence said: "It is not appropriate for Defence to comment on the service provided by No. 34 Squadron on its aircraft."

This nasty arrogant behaviour is not surprising to me. We have voted in a Dictator as PM and this is only the beginning of such nonsense from Krudd! Just the most appalling disgusting behaviour for an Australian PM!

And that's The Northern Truth!!

Ubique of Perth said...

Kevni's a complete nutter. It just hasn't been as obvious as it was with crazy-eyes Mark Latham (post 2004 election naturally).

The combination of massive ego; megalomania; rampant narcissism; hyper-nerdism; and desire to be loved by all makes Kevni a lethal cocktail of emotions.

1735099 said...

crazy-eyes - That would be Julie Bishop....