Sunday, 19 April 2009

Impersonating 1.618

Grown up photography.

Monkey photography:

See if you can guess what the first one is. I know what it is. Got no idea what number 2 is though, but I am sure I could make money exhibiting it somewhere as "Dreams of my ancestors: Part IV".


kae said...

The brain of a leftard?

Nah. Spaghetti-o-s.

Although they are limbically interchangeable.

Ask Jeannie G.

WV: rathiofe

Margo's Maid said...

Mmmmh donuts.

Anonymous said...

Boy on a bike (best on board?) I love donuts but it looks like popcorn.

Actually, I think you've created two interesting images.

I'd like to view the above image on a gigantic canvas.

1.618 :)

Anonymous said...


I must admit, that today's post is a little boring. Some of the videos are not created by me. The images are taken on my journeys.

If you have a special image you'd like posted on the 1.6 page, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Im thinking more cheerios


Boy on a bike said...

Cheerios is correct! Bigtones is the winner.

(Just goes to show who has kids and who doesn't).

kae said...


Anaemic Froot Loops.

Oh wait, they're at Larval Prodders and Webdiarrhoea.