Friday, 10 April 2009

Say no to flu

I wish I could say "no" to the flu, but it is too late now. I've been thoroughly bushwhacked by it the past week. I know that things are on the improve when I start coughing up green goo - the worst is over, it's just a matter of clearing the muck out of the system.

The morning starts with hacking up a wad of yuk the size and consistency of chewing gum, and bright green to boot. Several more may follow during the day. My throat is thoroughly coated in ick that just refuses to budge without an episode of chest-bursting coughing. Occasionally, it feels like a small flap of goo will lift - perhaps after a sneeze - and that will lead to a whole section unrolling and lifting and next thing you know, I am choking on a wad of slimy green throat oyster.

This video is an apt metaphor for how my throat feels, except that white goo should be fluorescent green.

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