Friday, 24 April 2009

Political wisdom of the day

Alain de Botton was on TripleJ this week and I missed most of what he had to say - tuned in too late. However, I then switched to a Counterpoint podcast and listened to Peter Oborne give the Sir Keith Joseph lecture. He passed on this favourite saying of Tony Blair:

"Go around smiling at people, and then get someone else to shoot them".

Sums up a lot of modern politicians perfectly. Explains why Krudd is nowhere to be seen when the news is bad - he gets Gillard or Dufus or Woin to front up and cop the flak. Krudd only does milk runs*

*–noun Slang.
a routine trip or undertaking, esp. one presenting little danger or difficulty


Anonymous said...

Amen Brother!

Pogria said...

You listen to Triple J?!? WTF?

Boy on a bike said...

A hangover from my yoof. I can't bear advertisements on radio, so when I have listened to every podcast on my iPod, I have a choice of driving in silence, listening to my thoughts, or Triple J.

Most of the time, I give Triple J five minutes and then switch the radio off completely and revert to thinking about the world. Many of my blog postings have their genesis in me thinking on the way to work.