Thursday, 26 March 2009

Yartz in parks

On my way around Homebush Bay, I hopped off the bike and trudged across the wet grass to take some photos of these giant silver balls. These things must stand 15-20 feet tall. And just think how much they cost you, the taxpayer. I would not be surprised if I am the first person in 10 years to bother walking 50 feet across the grass to have a close look.

I have spent a few weeks in Italy, looking at great art and sculpture. I have trudged around galleries and gardens and parks, paying good money (ok, paying Lire, which was worth stuff all at the time) to see what the old masters could do.

In 300 years time, people are not going to be flying (or transporting) from Italy to see the creations of our "old masters" - because we don't have any. If this is the sort of art that we are paying for via our taxes, I think I'll have my money back.

They do make interesting shadows though - these remind me a bit of blackfella paintings that I saw in the NT, except without the shadow of the dopey photographer in the bottom corner.

Then I saw this installation, and I thought, "Now that looks more like it!"

Then again, maybe not.............


Margo's Maid said...

This brings up the question of how much people actually use public spaces.

I saw a study once which showed that some kids' playgrounds are hardly ever used. Sometimes these kinds of places are plonked there because the local council feels like they should be there...and never think about them again.

kae said...

And there's not a kid within cooee of those unused playgrounds, huh?