Wednesday 25 March 2009

Mr Rudd goes to Washington

Thanks to News Corp for this interesting behind the scenes view of the press conferences. With a huge hat tip to the master of these things - TOTUS.

Where shall we put this thing?

"Fuck, Hillary has been fucking with the screws again".

"Help me lift these things back up to their normal height".

"I reckon that's a good spot over there - not too much reflection on the screens. Good of you to help out, er, Keith. What did you think of the wax casting set that I gave you?"

"Can I lick your ears? They look so big, and delicious."

"Um, do you mind arranging a lift for me back to Australia. Julia ordered the plane to fly back without me."

And if Senator Stephen Conroy is reading this, I have a message for you.

"Suck my balls".

Update - the Wax Gobbler can't help himself.

"Keith, if you try to lick my ears again, I will have you shot by the Secret Service".

Check out the look on Krudd's face - if that is not a worshipful expression of man-love, I don't know what it is.

Obama's new nickname for Krudd from now on will surely be "Monica".


kae said...

That's a hoot.

The bumped mic, the "big and delicious"...

WV: pandi

a panderer's victim...

Dang, didn't work.

WV2: muckeri
yep, that's what Kev's getting us into.

Anonymous said...



Stephen Conroy's Great Grandfather said...