Tuesday, 17 March 2009

This will be interesting

What you are looking at here will hopefully be the 2010 council project to extend the bike/walking path around The Bay. This is where it gets tricky. The road is narrow, the path is crap (gravel, pot holed, narrow and nowhere near wide enough for the pedestrian traffic that it carries).

And there are some big trees intruding into the path. I don't think council will allow the engineers to take a chainsaw to these babies.

The existing bike path at this point is also about as narrow as it can get without delving into the regions of banning anyone over size 8 from using it. It's always fun to be riding around this bendy patch, and to have some boy racer in a "souped up" Charade (ie, a bog standard Charade with an exhaust the size of a catering can of baked beans) try and muscle past when there is traffic coming the other way. Even though your normal Charade is not much wider than an overstuffed armchair, boy racers seem to have a great deal of difficulty keeping them between the white lines. They are either in the bike lane, or on the wrong side of the road - and they're doing no more than 40km/h (even if it sounds like they are doing 140km/h).

The best thing they could do with these trees is transplant them into the middle of the road, allowing them to frequently collect idiot boy racers coming around here at night (did I mention the trees should be painted black as well?)

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